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Garage Door Springs Services | Garage Door Repair Laguna Woods, CA

The springs that are attached to the top of your garage door carry most of the weight when your door is in the process of opening or closing. They also bear very high tension and therefore need to be strong, secure, in good condition and of an appropriate size and strength for your door’s dimensions. They should always have a carefully selected safety cable properly threaded through and securely attached both to the hangar bar and to the door frame. There are so many reasons why you should keep your springs in good condition and have them professionally replaced at the first sign of wear and tear. Here’s why…

The Dangers of Malfunctioning Springs

There are so many ways your door springs could malfunction. They could be the wrong size or strength for your garage door, they may have been badly installed, they could be rubbing along the vertical hangar bar, they may be rusted, worn down or they simply may have reached the end of their life cycle. Whatever the reason, when your door springs are not in top working condition, you run the risk of other parts of your door bearing more weight than they can safely handle, or of your springs simply snapping.

As any professional garage serviceman can tell you, this is a highly dangerous situation for any objects (such as your car) or people nearby. If a door spring breaks, the high tension can cause it to fly around the room, which can cause severe injuries. If there isn’t an appropriate safety cable installed, this could also cause the door to come crashing down on anyone or anything in its path.  This is why we always recommend regular, professional door spring inspections and replacements well before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.  

Professional Services For Your Garage Door Springs

When you call our experts, you not only save yourself time and money, but serious injury as well. Our professionals have the tools, training and expertise to ensure that your door springs are in top working condition, are the correct diameter and strength for your door’s requirements and that the tension exerted on them is precise. We’ll also ensure that all the connecting bolts, screws, pulleys and other parts are also in good condition and that the safety cable is not frayed or dislodged.

Call our expert spring service technicians today to ensure your garage is a safe environment.   

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